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The goal for smarti basic home automation system is to create you safe, comfortable, functional and energy-efficient living and working environment for a more affordable price.
Controlling and managing your home or office can be easy, fun and on the tip of your fingertips.


smarti® offers you two basic options of home automation:

  • Basic home automation
  • Simple home automation


In the basic home automation we offer you:

  • Smarti Vega
  • Smarti Relay Box
  • Smarti Icom 5 or Icom 5M
These three components combined together create a powerful and simple solution for your home, apartment or workspace.



Smart home features

  • This system can be set by the customer.
  • Can control lights, curtains, air conditioning …
  • Control over everything that you can set with on/off
  • Manage water and electricity consumption
  • Various custom applications.
  • You will get a notification message on Vega and simultaneously on your smart phone

Components description

smarti Vega

Beautiful and modern exterior will nicely fit in your home or in the office. The device has 8 inch large color touch screen and handset.


  • Video intercom unit
  • Surveillance via cameras
  • Phone calls
  • Basic home automation
  • Hour and weather
  • Leave messages and create notifications
  • Contacts
  • Extra applications
  • Alarm


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smarti Icom 5 and Icom 5M

This two outdoor intercoms will connect your outdoors to your indoors via smarti Vega.  Both can be used individually or can be connected to the smarti Home automation, in this case they are connected with smarti Vega which gives you the opportunity of checking your front door from the comfort of your sofa. It serves you as a door camera and video intercom.


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Some technical details of what makes this video intercom so special and an indispensable part of your home.

  • Icoms 5M metal housing is waterproof
  • LAN port or WiFi
  • It can be combined with smarti Vega
  • With speaker, MIC
  • One video door phone can support multiple smarti Vega phones
  • The dorbell notification will be sent on smarti Vega or your smart phone or both
  • Talk between smarti Vega phone to door camera
  • Monitor door camera
  • Motion detector and alarm function
  • Support photo and video record


smarti Relay box

This device has 4 relay outputs for controlling electrical devices (lights, fans, doors, curtains, etc.), 4 digital inputs to check the devices status (open/close doors, On/Off lights, On/Off alarm status etc.) and 4 analog inputs for various sensors (temperature, humidity, lightness etc.). All outputs and inputs can be controlled and managed via TCP/IP network.


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Simple home automation

The second simplest solution is very minimalistic. Its main component is Relay box or Dimmer box in combination with application for smart phone.
With this simple solution you will be able to turn ON/OFF lights, dim lights, open/close curtains or every other functions that have option ON/OFF or open/close.


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