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Home automation
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When you think of home you imagine family, happiness, relaxation, comfort, security. Home is like a little world for each individual. And an individual will do anything in his power to make his place for him and his love ones safe, secure and comfortable.
Here is where smarti® comes in. With the main idea to create you secure, safe and comfortable home and work space, we present you a complete automatied system where you will be at ease doing stuff that you like, while our systems will take care for your safety amd comfort.
smarti home automation system offers a line of products and solutions for automating home or office. The system is for all homeowners and businesses around the world.


With the smarti® smart home technology we want to help you to maximize the usefulness of your home, to increase your savings, to increase control.
All this can be achieved while you play with your children, read a book or dine with your love ones, and smarti will take care of the rest.

Home Automation


Wired System

This is the most simplest and intuitive graphic user interface in the world.

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Wireless System

Modular system allows you a noninvasive installation.

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Home control

Control home functions as you wish.

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Video intercom

Check and see your front door, talk to arrival and open door while sitting on couch.

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Intuitive user interface

This is the most simplest and intuitive graphic user interface in the world.

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Security and safety

Set, secure and control entire place.

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Entertainment center

One media center for whole home.

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Basic home automation

This is simpler and smaller solution for your home or business.

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smarti Home Automation Goal

Family Sitting On Sofa Reading Book At Home 

The goal for smarti home automation system is to create you safe, comfortable, functional and energy-efficient living and working environment.

smarti Home Automation system allows you to control


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